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Import from China – Made easy!

Importing goods from China has proven to be a successful tactic of global sourcing for many businesses. This presents a fantastic opportunity for you as a buyer and reseller. However, there are several considerations that need to be made which will determine the cost effectiveness of your

The importing process can be extremely complex, confusing, and costly. Locating products over long distances often takes more time than expected and handling them costs more than what some people are prepared to pay. Newbie or a first timer may feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how much will it cost? How long does it take? And what’s involved in the process?

Lets briefly understand steps involved in the Importing Process & how we can help you at each step:


Import Process : Step by Step guide

Place Order

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STEP 1: Product Sourcing

First step towards importing goods from China is Sourcing i.e. finding the right manufacturer/ supplier for your desired product. Generally for this you have to either travel to China and meet the suppliers in person or search suppliers online (really crazy and futile exercise). However, having us on your side, you don’t need to travel to China or waste your time online going through fake supplier profiles. Our expert team based out of China, would help you source the perfect vendor for your product.

The more information you have with you, the easier it will be for us to help you source the ideal vendors who can provide you with products that meets the specifications and quality you are looking for. Give us as much information about the product as possible (including pictures and specifications) so that we can source exactly what you need. You should also be prepared to share your budget ahead of time as it will save both time and energy in comparing prices from different suppliers throughout our sourcing process. Generally we look for below details from the clients:

Product Name
Estimated order quantity
Target Price
Detailed specification
Certification requirement (if any)
Packaging requirement
If possible, picture of the product

We do not charge for our sourcing services and we will not ask you for any money before you confirm the order.

STEP 2: Sampling, Negotiation, & Costing Analysis

Our local team based out of China will cut out any middleman by dealing with a manufacturer directly. We will do the sampling of the product to ensure that the product meets your desired quality and specification. Once you confirm the product, we will negotiate on your behalf and reach to the best possible pricing for the given quality and specification.

We will source suitable suppliers who are both legitimate and ethical. We’ll give you a full breakdown of how much it will cost to get your product to your doorstep, which is inclusive of shipping costs, custom clearance and GST billing, so that you’re not subject to any hidden surprises.

STEP 3: Order Approval & Advance Payment

Once you have finalized the order, we will place the order with the supplier(s) and submit a purchase order to ensure that all of your specifications are met. Advance payment to supplier is made after your approval of the purchase order and receiving the payment from you. Don’t worry, we first check the credentials of the supplier and then only once our local team is satisfied we proceed with the advance to them to confirm your order. Advance payment depends upon particular supplier but we try to keep it below 50% only. We still hold your 50% or more payment with us safely.

Note: Order on supplier can be made either by us or by you directly, depending upon whose IEC (Import Export Code) is being used. We use our IEC in case you don’t desire to be importer on record and would then get a GST Billing in INR from us in India.

STEP 4: Production Follow up with suppliers

Once you’ve placed your order (via us or directly), we follow up with the vendor regularly to check the progress of production and delivery for further shipping.

Step 5: Pay the balance if all is satisfactory

Once the supplier has completed production of the product, our local professional team will inspect the goods and shall send you pictures/videos/test reports (or any requests that are done by you at the time of placing the order), for your confirmation. We can only conduct a limited inspection, If required, a detailed inspection can be done but then it costs you extra charges. After your confirmation, balance payment is released to the supplier once goods are ready for delivery.

Step 6: Shipping & Export documentation

Once the Goods are ready to be shipped. We help with following activities for smooth shipment to the destination port:

Trucking for EXW Cargo and Mixed Loads.
Warehousing of Goods in case of Multiple vendors.
Sea or Air Freight Comparison and arrangement.
In case of Sea, load the Cargo in Container.
In case of Air, sent the goods to Air cargo.
Export document assistance.

Step 7: Custom Clearance

Once the goods, arrives at destination port, we proceed with custom clearance process. Customs clearance work involves:

– Filing of requisite documentations with Customs authority (Bill of Entry, Invoice, packing list etc.).

– Customs examination, assessment, and payment of duty.

– Taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

We handle all trade compliance and processes regarding custom clearance, so that you can focus on other critical aspects of growing your business. Our goodwill and best business practices help us ensure fast clearance of consignments that have arrived by air, sea and land.